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  2. Coco Organic Bath Milk
  3. Blue Lagoon Organic Bath Milk
  4. Wild Rose Organic Bath Milk
  5. Pink Lake Organic Bath Milk
  6. Luna Organic Bath Milk
  7. Organic Cotton Bath Bag
  8. Wooden Spoon
  9. Hayes Water Luxury Bath Salts
  10. Little Seedlings Organic Bath Milk
  11. Devoke Water Luxury Bath Salts
  12. Calming Botanical Facial Steam


  • "Absolutely love this company! All the products are amazing and the customer service is great, owner is always so quick to respond. The bath milks and wax melts smell lovely and are so relaxing. My favourites are the Ivy scrub + willow oat wash my skin has never felt so soft!"


  • "I love this small business. I can’t believe how good the products are and how fantastic the smell! I recently received the face and body oil and some wax melts and they all smell divine. The lovely owner runs the business on her own and is also a busy mum but you can tell she puts so much care into what she produces. I’ve also bought bath salts and bath milks which are gorgeous when you want to feel relaxed after a stressful day at work. Brilliant customer service and always replies to any queries. Superb!! "


  • "Just received my wellness box and it was, as are all of my orders from OAK&STONE, absolutely wonderful. The blends are beautiful and the quality of materials were everything I have come to expect from this company. I shall eagerly look forward to my next wellness box."