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The Retreat Aromatherapy Candle

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Featuring a calming blend of lavender, ylang ylang + patchouli to ease the mind and induce a sense of calm ready for a peaceful nights sleep.The wooden wick adds a rustic feel that will gently crackle as it burns, adding an authentic feel to your candle. Use the lid as a coaster to pop your candle on whilst it burns, or to hold your cuppa. Once your candle is out and has cooled, pop the lid back on and keep your candle clean and free from dust until it's next use.

Hidden under each lid is a little secret... a precious plantable label that you can plant in your candle once it has finished, creating the most beautiful wild flower plant! 

Our candles are proudly 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan! We use a natural coconut and soy wax blend, wooden wicks and the highest quality pure essential oils.

Keep wicks trimmed by gently pulling off the burnt bits before each burn.

How to use your wildflower seed paper:

Keep enjoying your candle even after it's finished with our plantable seed paper! Simply clean your candle jar out with warm soapy water, soak your seed paper in some water.  Add 3/4 soil to your jar, place wild flower disk on top and then lightly cover with soil. Keep soil damp and once the seeds germinate, lightly water weekly.


Large- 300ml Approx 60+ hours burn time