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Dried orange slices

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Orange slices, we love them, and add them to every bath milk order! Not only do they look beautiful, some theorists believe that the colour orange stimulates the brain; releasing endorphins (the happy hormone) and in turn, reduces anxiety and uplifts mood!

There's also health benefits to bathing in citrus! As we know, oranges contain a lot of anti-oxidants which provide the skin with purity and clarity. These anti-oxidants will make your skin look healthier and fresher if you stay in a bath full of water and sliced oranges from 20-30 minutes. Try it and you'll immediately notice how fresh your skin is!

Why not purchase one of our jars to store them in? They make the perfect accessory for your bathroom! After your bath, simply dry them out again and then pop them back in their jar ❤️

*jars sold separately 

*10 orange slices included per pouch

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