Wax Melt Exploration Kit

Wax Melt Exploration Kit

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Included is one large square (11g) coconut wax melt jam packed with essential oils in each of our blends to fill your home with a refreshing and rejuvenating therapeutic fragrance in minutes!

6 large squares per pouch

Includes all 6 of our exclusive essential oil blends:

Blue Lagoon- Peppermint, tea tree, + pine

Rose Garden- Rose geranium, rosewood + vanilla

Magic Garden- Orange, lavender + pine

Slumber- Lavender, frankincense + chamomile

Spa Day- Eucalyptus, lavender + peppermint

The Retreat- Patchouli + lavender

Care Instructions:

Place one wax melt cube in the well of your wax melter. Use with an unscented tea light and enjoy hours of the same beautiful fragrance filling your home with a sense of calm. Each wax melt will last for approximately 10-12 hours.