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Makeup remover and cleanser duo

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Add re-usable bamboo make up remover pads

Introducing our natural oat cleansing grains paired with organic jojoba oil, the perfect duo for gentle makeup removal and skin care. Activate the cleansing grains by mixing a small amount with water, effortlessly eliminating dirt and makeup while nourishing your skin. The organic jojoba oil provides a gentle touch, especially for sensitive eye makeup removal, while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. Say hello to a refreshing and natural skincare routine with our dynamic cleansing duo.

Experience the future of skincare with our waterless skincare collection. Harnessing the power of potent botanicals and nourishing oils, our waterless formulations deliver concentrated benefits without dilution, maximizing effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact. Say goodbye to water waste and hello to intensified hydration, enhanced efficacy, and long-lasting results. Embrace the transformative benefits of waterless skincare for a radiant, sustainable beauty routine.

Introducing our Organic Jojoba Face Oil Cleanser, a luxurious blend designed to elevate your skincare routine. Infused with the nourishing properties of organic jojoba oil, this gentle cleanser effortlessly removes impurities while replenishing moisture, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. Crafted with care and free from harsh chemicals, it offers a pure and indulgent cleansing experience, suitable for all skin types. Treat yourself to the rejuvenating power of organic jojoba oil with every wash, and discover the natural radiance of your skin.

Kit Includes:

45g Oat Cleansing Grains Jar

30ml Organic Jojoba oil


Oat cleansing grains: Organic vegan coconut milk (Cocos Nucifera fruit powder), Organic Oats (Avena Sativa),  Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate 

Organic jojoba oil: Golden jojoba oil 


Customer Reviews

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My favourite!

I’ve used willow for awhile now so when you brought out this duo I had to try it. They work perfectly together to gently remove makeup without stinging my eyes and my face feels so clean and hydrated after! Not dry at all like soaps do! My skin looks so much brighter as well! I’ll use it forever 🥰