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Skincare Travel Kit

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Bamboo bowl and spoon

Introducing our Travel-Sized Skincare Sampler Set, your passport to radiant skin wherever you roam! Dive into a world of luxury skincare with our meticulously curated collection of miniatures, perfectly sized for your adventures. Each sample is a treasure trove of nourishing ingredients, designed to keep your skin glowing and hydrated on the go. And to top it off, we've included a stylish drawstring travel bag, ensuring your skincare essentials stay organized and accessible wherever your journey takes you. Embrace the wanderlust and indulge in skincare bliss with our Travel-Sized Skincare Sampler Set today!

Experience skincare simplicity at its finest with our waterless skincare line. By removing water from our formulations, we've created products packed with potent ingredients that deliver maximum benefits to your skin. Enjoy concentrated nourishment without the filler, resulting in a more effective and eco-conscious beauty routine. Dive into a world of pure potency and natural radiance with our waterless skincare collection today.



Oat Cleansing Grains 16g
Redefining Face polish 16g
Detoxifying Pink Clay Mask 16g
Organic Jojoba oil 30ml

+ free branded drawstring travel bag!