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Blue Lagoon Organic Bath Milk

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A perfect blend of peppermint and tea tree essential oil and rich in healing salts, this one is bursting with antibacterial properties that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated! Peppermint and tea tree can help relax muscles and ease tension and headaches and ease cold and flu symptoms.

What inspired the blend?

Blue Lagoon was inspired by the stunning waters of New Zealand I visited in 2015 with my (now) husband. We visited the stunning huka falls and rafted down a river so pure you could drink straight from it! I remember feeling so free, probably for the first time in my life! I'd never felt or seen anything quite like it before! The natural landscape of New Zealand is absolutely breathtaking and that's where I fell in love with nature again (it's also where my husband proposed!)

I created blue lagoon to capture the essence of the clear blue waters. With a fresh minty scent, and undertones of tea tree, Blue Lagoon will transport you to the calming blue waters leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised and invigorated! Add in some eucalyptus leaves for a truly authentic and breathtaking experience.

About our bath milks:

Oak and Stone bath soaks are made from locally sourced organic ingredients. Our milks are proudly 100% chemical and cruelty free and are vegan friendly!

Made with the highest quality ingredients and pure essential oils to soften, soothe and relax the body and mind.

Oak and Stone bath soaks will make your skin as smooth and soft as silk. Ingredients include vegan coconut milk, oats, epsom salt, sea salt, tapioca starch and bicarbonate of soda + spirulina powder.

Note: Ingredients may contain traces of gluten and nuts

Consult your doctor before using if pregnant or breastfeeding

Do not use in first trimester of pregnancy

Not to be used by children under 3 years of age


Jar- 400g

Mini- 120g

Refill pouch- 400g

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